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Bay Area Views From Mt. Diablo


I hiked Mt. Diablo in Clayton, CA (Contra Costa County). Upon entrance, you must drive up to the winding road until you see a large parking lot where hiking trails start. There are several hiking trails; some are short and long. Mt. Diablo Summit is a great spot to see the incredible view of the bay area.

Best Brunch Spot in Sacramento



My favorite spot in Sacramento to eat brunch is at Bacon & Butter. Their gravy is to die for! Must try is the Biscuit Sandwich with a poached egg. Breakfast Burger (as pictured) is also as good, but a little heavy on the breakfast side for me. Expect to wait long during their busiest time (weekends - in the morning to noon).

Wildlife You'll See Roaming in Wyoming



The landscape is astonishing in Yellowstone National Park, but what's more beautiful are the wildlife. I was constantly looking around for wildlife and the first time I saw a herd of bisons was unexpected. It took me by surprise as I was driving in the park and suddenly they came out of the woods and crossed the road. It was amazing and magical to see these creatures roam freely right next to you. 


The Only Place For Sushi and Seafood



Located in Zhongshan District, Addiction Aquatic Development 上引水產 has the best sushi and seafood in Taipei. It is composed of different areas such as the fresh seafood market, stand-up bars (sushi bar, seafood bar and wine bar), pre-packaged sushi and buffet-style hot food. 



You'll be amazed by all the fresh seafood available right when you enter Addiction Aquatic. It has everything you can think of from clams, fresh catch of the day to lobster and prawns. The options are endless!



Due to its popularity, the seafood and sushi bar is usually busy and the wait could be fro 30-45 minutes. If you're not keen to waiting and want something quick, opt for the to-go sushi and hot food. Sashimi, nigiri, uni and different type of sushi rolls are available. They also offer Chinese food in the hot food area. This is also a cheaper option compared to the seafood and sushi bar. 



With all the choices at the seafood bar, I opted for the assorted seafood platter. I really liked the crab, abalone, and oysters. It's so fresh that I don't need to pair it with any other sauce. My bill came out to 1,300NT. Pricey for the locals, but I think it was well worth it for the quality. It would've cost more if I had the exact same dish back in California. The wait was about 30 minutes.


assorted seafood platter

miso salad

red wine from the wine bar



This is my favorite part of the place and would highly recommend to try first. The sushi is incredibly delicious! With all the food I ordered, it felt like I sampled everything on the menu. Each piece is carefully curated to ensure the presentation and taste is top notch. The sushi and nigiri sets (200NT - 600NT) are perfect for tasting a little bit of everything. Individual dishes are also available.


grilled king prawn

majestic oysters

shrimp nigiri

tuna hand roll

blow torched nigiri set

Addiction Aquatic Development
No. 18, Alley 2, Lane 410, Minzu E Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 104
MRT Xingtian Temple (yellow line) or MRT Zhongshan Junior High School 

Dim Sum Brunch at W Hotel



Located on the 31st floor of W Taipei is YEN restaurant. With its floor to ceiling windows, it is utterly the most sought out spot for a spectacular view of Taipei. Whether you decide to brunch or have dinner at YEN, your palate will not be disappointed. Opted for brunch to experience the upscale dim sum and roasted duck, which is carved and served nicely onto your table. YEN has elevated the typical dim sum into a delicious and beautifully plated dishes. 


Prawn spring rolls wrapped in steamed rice flour.

Pan fried pork dumplings

Pan fried pork dumplings

Crystal shrimp dumplings (hargow).

Crystal shrimp dumplings (hargow).

Roasted duck is crispy and very moist. Served with tortilla-style bao, bean sprouts and soya sauce.

Roasted duck is crispy and very moist. Served with tortilla-style bao, bean sprouts and soya sauce.

W Taipei - Yen Restaurant
10 Zhongxiao East Road Sec. 5, Xinyi District, Taipei, Taipei City, 110
(map | menu)