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4-Day Trip Traveling Cost to Vietnam


Length of Stay: 4 Days


Flight via China Airlines: $250 (pricey because I went during a holiday)
Lodging: Roseland Corp ($50/night)


Food:  Approx. $60
I ate at a restaurant, drank Vietnamese coffee twice a day, local food (i.e. Banh Xeo, Banh mi, Banh Khot, Banh bot loc, etc.). 

Drinks: Approx. $40 for 5-6 alcoholic beverage.
I went to Lavastone Bar which serves eclectic drinks and the Skybar.  

Transportation: Taxi throughout the trip: $10-$15

Ben Tre Tour: $45

Other: souvenirs, nail salon, massages: $30

Traveling to Vietnam is very inexpensive. It is actually cheaper than Philippines. I travelled cheap, but not too cheap that I'm not able to experience the nice things in life. Although, this was a short trip, it was more than enough time to see Ho Chi Minh City. I will be back in May to travel the northern part of the country.