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peanut sesame noodles


A beer from 7/11 then continue on strolling on a street unknown to you and an outdoor "mom and pop" restaurant catches your attention. For some reason, my boyfriend has these special skills where he can see anything that screams "noodles" miles ahead of us. At this point I’m all noodled out, but what the heck – when in Taiwan! Luckily for me this place had my ultimate favorite dish – sesame peanut noodles. Thinking about it is just mouthwatering.

Taiwanese people have it down to its artistry when serving noodles. They have an area where they cook the noodles then loads of sauces and ingredients in front of them as they top it off into the bowl. When a dish looks this simple, I become very particular in every aspect of the taste.

Are the noodles over cooked?
Did they rinse the noodles completely?
Does it lack the peanut taste?

All these questions go through my head when I eat this dish.
So far, these peanut sesame noodles is on the same level as the one I’ve had at Mazendo. This probably is a tad bit better because it feels like a home cooked meal (which I totally miss!).

802, 高雄市苓雅區興中一路333號
KMRT Sanduo Shopping District Station, Exit 6