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food and travel experiences

traditional taiwanese breakfast


When I moved to Taiwan, it was difficult to find breakfast restaurants. I soon found out that if I wanted to eat breakfast, I had to go to a restaurant that specifically serves breakfast.  Xing-Long Ju is a Chinese breakfast restaurant in Kaohsiung that serves the traditional Chinese breakfast. This self-serve breakfast restaurant has all the Baozi (steamed bun filled with various ingredients) you can think of and the popular Xian Dou Jiang (salty soy milk). I picked up some pork and vegetable Baozi then followed the line, which wrapped around the restaurant to order Xian Dou Jiang. 

They provide various sauces to accompany the Baozi. I've never had Xian Dou Jiang and as soon as I had a taste, it reminded me of my childhood. It has a similar taste to a breakfast dessert in the Philippines called "Taho." Xian Dou Jiang is warm, sweet and salty. It is mixed with bean sprouts and dried onions. It was a hearty breakfast when eaten with Baozi.

Xing-Long Ju
No. 186號, Liuhe 2nd Rd, Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City, 801
KMRT City Council Station, Exit 1