10 Reasons to Visit Taipei


There's more to Taipei than night markets and temples. Of course, these indulgences should always be part of one's itinerary, but also explore Taipei in a different way. 


Brew of the Day


In a bustling city like Taipei, everyone loves to keep it going. They definitely take their coffee seriously here and it's excellent! Some of my favorite spots are alpha Black, Fika Fika Cafe and Tamed Fox.




Eat at one of many brunch cafes like One Fifteen, Antipodean, SPOT Taipei, and Tamed Fox, where they serve open-faced sandwiches, avocado toasts and acai bowls.


Be Active


Elephant Mountain is the most accessible hike in the city.

A little bit outside of the city is Yangmingshan National Park, where you're showered with beautiful nature and hot springs.


Free Exploration


Being it an efficient city, it's no surprise that you can get around easily with all the different transportation available. The best way to see the city is by walking or by bicycle. YouBike and the recent launch of oBike has made it easier to freely explore the city.


Get Artsy


At the creative hub of Huashan Park, there's always something new. With it's ever changing pop-up art installations and events, it will spark a creative nerve. Also nearby, see all the new and popular tech in the world at Guanghua Digital Plaza.


Drink More


The heatwave is no joke here, luckily there are bubble tea shops in every corner. Try the oolong milk tea or jasmine milk tea. For more of a refreshing option, try the wintermelon with lemon drink. Check out CoCo, Tea Pa Tea, or Baroness.


Exquisite Dining


Taipei has become one of the most sought out cities for fine dining. With RAW restaurant making it on the top of Asia's best restaurants, there's no surprise that other restaurants are keen to exquisite and unique presentation while satisfying your palate as well. MUME restaurant combines nordic influences with taiwanese flavors, and creates well-balanced dishes that keeps people coming for more. 


After Hours


Partake in the festivities at Pingxi with their annual Lantern Festival that brings people all over the world. Watch the hundreds of lanterns go up all at once!


Enjoy a night out in town at one of the popular clubs. Weather if electronic music, hip-hop or a mix of both is your jam, Taipei has choices for you. For hip-hop, check out Chess or KOR and OMNI or Myst for electronic music. 


For more of a chill vibe, try shrimping. Enjoy a beer or two and catch those prawns!