A Beef Noodles Spot Off The Beaten Path


I stumbled upon this noodle spot by accident in Ximending. I was looking for something different to eat and found myself walking in an alley I did not recognize. Surely, on the corner of Chengdu Rd. and Kangding Rd. is Du Li Beef Noodles. Now, this place is not in the main and mostly chaotic area of Ximending. This is just a couple minutes outside of that chaos. The spot is small, but wasn't packed with people.

I had the Dry Noodle with Beef (100NT) and Cattle Tendon and Beef Noodles (180NT). Just like other beef noodles spot, Du Li has their own sauces on the side to add a little kick to your taste buds. I enjoyed the savory taste of the Dry Noodle with Beef because it had that beef broth taste you would expect. Personally, the serving was just right; not big or too small either. The Cattle Tendon and Beef Noodles is served in a bigger bowl. In addition to the broth and noodles, the meat shines in this dish. I love it when the meat just falls off after one bite and this is no different. What makes Du Li different from other places I've tried is the broth. The flavor is the main factor and doesn't get subdued with the fatty taste you would usually find in other beef noodles dishes. If you're ever in Ximending, craving a quick beef noodles fix and want some chill moment to yourself, check out Du Li!

Du Li Beef Noodles
康定路25巷25號, 萬華區, 台北市 108, Taiwan