Best Seafood Restaurant in Palawan

Kalui Restaurant in Puerto Princesa, Palawan should be on everyone's must-eat list. I reserved a table for 2 the day of and they were able to accommodate us. This restaurant was recommended by my fellow travelers we met during our time in El Nido. Prior to entering the restaurant, we had to take off our shoes (like how you would in someone's home in the Philippines). I would consider this as an indoor/outdoor restaurant. There are no walls, it's an open-air type restaurant. 

We had the Kalui Special, Lato Seaweed Salad, Tuna Sashimi, Garlic Butter Prawns, Coconut Flan, and Calamansi Ginger drink. 

As the appetizer, we had Lato Seaweed Salad. This is my first time tasting Lato Seaweed - you get a taste of the ocean; salty. Kalui Special is a mixture of fish, lobster and veggies in coco cream with a hint curry taste. My favorite was the Tuna Sashimi. We initially ordered one, but we had order for seconds after we killed it. It's one of the best sashimi I've had. It's total perfection; smooth and silky! Garlic Butter Prawns were equally delicious. Calamansi Ginger drink is similar to a lime juice drink with the addition of ginger. Very refreshing and I love ginger in citrusy drinks. To wrap up everything was the Coconut Flan. I wish the flan was bigger, but still very nice touch on the combinations. 

By the end of our dinner I was amazed with the delicious and fresh food they served. Our bill came out to 1,270 Pesos ($27).