First Thing To Eat In Taipei

This is my favorite spot for sesame peanut noodles in Taipei. I soon found out that Mazendo is a franchised restaurant (like a lot of restaurants in Taipei). However, it didn’t stop me from eating the delicious noodles and dumplings. Mazendo’s dumplings are probably the best dumplings I’ve had since I moved to Taipei. It is cooked perfectly (no soggy/sticky dumpling skins here) and has a good amount of ginger. Order it either pan-fried or steamed – they are still delicious! Aside from the tasty dishes, the prices can’t be beat for a nice restaurant. I don’t think I’ve found a restaurant that has the look, feel, and taste for food that’s about NT$60! Definitely a must when visiting Taipei.

麻膳堂 MAZENDO(光復店)
MRT S.Y.S. Memorial Hall Station