MUME: Nordic Influences Meets Taiwanese Flavors


Mume is the word for plum blossom also Taiwan's national flower. The casual fine dining restaurant utilizes Taipei's local seasonal produce and Nordic influences to create something new and innovative in a gastronomic city. Behind its doors, is an amazing restaurant with its food, interiors, service, and value. The menu is categorized into four sections: snacks, smaller, bigger and sweeter. I enjoy restaurants that provide a refined and simple menu for eaters. 

beef tongue mume restaurant taipei

Beef Tongue

with oyster emulsion, brussels sprouts, grilled pineapple and pistachio sauce

smoked chicken breast mume taipei

Smoked Chicken Breast

with baby corn, bamboo and corn sauce

sourdough bread mume restaurant taipei

Sourdough Bread

paired with beer and smoked beef fat butter

wagyu tartare mume restaurant taipei

Wagyu Tartare

topped with confit egg yolk and preserved daikon

prawns mume restaurant taipei


with shaved yam bean, prawn head sauce and topped with smoked ricotta snow

kampachi crudo mume restaurant taipei

Kampachi Crudo

paired with preserved green mango and rose geranium

No. 28, Siwei Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106 (MAP)
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