A Taste of Sanuki Udon at Marukame

Sanuki-style udon at Marukame is the best udon spot I've had in Taiwan. Found it by mistake in one of the food courts in a shopping mall in Xinyi District and since then I always crave it. Marukame originated from Hawaii, which is one of the must-eat spots, boasting 4189 reviews with 4.5 stars rating on Yelp!

Marukame focuses on the freshness of the dish. You get first-hand experience on how the udon is made before it ends up in your bowl for more added deliciousness. The best part is the tempura bar! Shrimp tempura and vegetable croquette are my favorite. 

I had the Kake Udon and recently, the Mentai Kamatama.
Kake Udon is their traditional broth with light fish and seaweed taste. I love how it's plain, but still flavorful. Topped with green onions and tempura shavings is a mouthful of deliciousness.

Mentai Kamatama is probably my current favorite dish from here. Instead of the soupy broth, an egg is beaten with the udon, which creates a more dry-type broth. It is topped with slices of meat, green onions and tempura shavings.
Both simple, but packed with flavor. The udon is the shining star here. 

 No. 12, Songgao Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110 (A8)
MRT Taipei City Hall

Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store
(basement level - food court)
MRT Taipei Main Statoin