The Best Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai


When visiting Thailand, the first thing travelers and tourists think about doing is to experience an encounter with elephants. Usually, the goal is to ride the elephants. However, I wanted to be conscious as much possible as I travel through Thailand. Of course, I wanted to see these beautiful creatures, but not in a manner where their well-being is compromised. Then I discovered Elephant Nature Park, 60 km (37 miles) from the city-center of Chiang Mai, where they provide a sanctuary and rescue centre for elephants.

In my single-day tour ($70), transportation and vegetarian buffet lunch was provided along with interacting and observing the elephants in their habitat. Elephant Nature Park doesn’t encourage riding on the elephants, which I really appreciated. I saw an elephant rehabilitating because it stepped on a landmine in Cambodia. I bathe an elephant and fed them many times. I was also able to catch a baby elephant interacting with its’ family.


I highly recommend booking in advance since Elephant Nature Park only allows a certain number of visitors each day. If you’re not limited in time,
I recommend the overnight visit for more in-depth experience and interaction.

Throughout this experience, I couldn’t get enough seeing these wonderful creatures.
Moments like this is why I travel and it’s truly heartwarming and rewarding.