It Feels Like Home in This Dainty Cafe

Vanessa's Garden Cafe is european-inspired filled with eclectic furnishings. This is not your typical cafe. Every part of the cafe is designed nicely. From the door knobs to the chairs and tables. Being inside Vanessa's Garden Cafe, I felt like I was inside a home. Initially, I wanted to check out the cafe, but didn't realize I had to buy food to sit down. I opted for a simple crepe with ice cream and iced tea. The total was close to $200 NT.
They also serve various tea and cafe-type food (i.e. salads, sandwiches, etc.).

妮莎花園 Vanessa's Garden
No. 286, Xingzhong 1st Rd, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, 802
KMRT Sanduo Shopping District Station, Exit 6