7 Taco Places You Need To Try In Cabo


el botete seafood

With a range of tacos including, fish, shrimp, smoked marlin, gobernador, seafood, octopus, and flank steak you can’t go wrong with any of it. The fish and gobernador tacos were my favorite. It will keep you coming back for more.


las guacamayas

Having an extensive menu, you may just want to try everything (I don’t blame you). Known for their flank steak tacos and side dishes. Also, try the Stone Bowls another popular dish. It’s made with grilled onions, cactus, avocado, cheese, and choice of meat.


oyster bar

Located inside El Merkado, a place that brings local chefs together, Oyster Bar is one of many gastronomic selections available. Try the shrimp Gobernador and Jamon de Mar.


taco guss

Open 24 hours and located in the heart of the nightlife, this place is perfect for late night munchies. Try the Al Pastor tacos with their handmade tacos and delectable side dishes.


taqueria mexico

Everything here is delicious! They’re colorful tacos and plating is perfect for an Instagram moment. The gobernador, shrimp, and fish tacos topped with fresh pico de gallo are hands down the best!


Asi y Asado

The best place to stop for lunch, they’re known for their skirt steak and octopus tacos. Get creative with their endless salsa and condiments bar.


tacos gardenias

Try the fish and shrimp tacos here. Make sure you pair it with one of their popular mojitos.