A Popular Snack In Taiwan

Bao was one of the things that was on my "must-try" foodie list. I randomly found this cart as I was strolling around Kaohsiung. The look and taste is different from the baos I've tried in the states (i.e. Chairman Bao). It comes in pork and beef, then filled with pickled daikon, veggies, and bamboo shoots. Each bao is $30 NT - $40 NT ($1 USD). The bao is also a good size (almost a taco size) and the ingredients blend very well together. The meat is marinated well and the rest of the ingredients accentuates the taste of the bao. Perfect for snacking and they don't skimp on the ingredients either!

801, 高雄市前金區自強二路170號1F
KMRT City Council Station, Exit 2