The Island Food Scene in Siargao


Shaka Siargao Cafe

For all your healthy cravings, Shaka specializes in delicious smoothie bowls. Sometimes it's too pretty to eat - definitely perfect for your Instagram stories that'll make everyone wondering where you're at!

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An Italian restaurant done right here on the island. Known for their pizzas, but everything on the menu is as delicious! You can't go wrong with their pan-seared tuna, spaghetti al pomodoro and spaghetti al carbonara. Served family-style, so you can sample every dish that will leave you full for the rest of the day.

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Isla Cabana Resort

Situated right by the beach, Isla Cabana has a mixture of western and Filipino food. The garlic fried rice paired with lechon kawali (pork belly) and signature sisig dishes will give you an insight of the culture and its palate. With its fully stocked bar and breathtaking views, it's hard not to chow down here. 

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Club Tara Resort

After all that island hopping, a private lunch serving traditional Filipino food at Club Tara Resort is everything! The seafood sinigang (tamarind soup) and fresh catch of the day are their speciality.   

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Kalinaw Resort

With a focus on European cuisines with a touch of French taste in their dishes, it's no surprise that their aesthetically pleasing plating is really that good. Try the wood-fired pizzas, shrimp risotto and truffle pasta. 

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Siargao Bleu

One of the best seafood restaurants on the island. The king crab, squid and fresh fish dishes will satisfy those seafood cravings. 

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