This Place Still Has The Best Beef Noodles Soup


I finally tried the famous 林東芳牛肉麵 Lin Dong Fang beef noodles. It's situated close to the Brown Line between Nanjing Fuxing MRT and Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT. Some people say that their beef noodles have some sort of crack (secret ingredient) in it. It's possible, maybe that's why people all over the world flock to this hole in the wall. As you wait to be seated, you can watch them cook the delicious concoction right in front of you. If you're one of the lucky ones (or two), you can be seated where the magic happens. It's an open (like a garage) seating that can fit about 5-10 people. There are also two other areas where you can be seated. To the right of it, is another open-style seating, where it's less magical since the only thing you'll be watching is the wall in front of you and the bowl of noodles you're eating. To the left of it, is an enclosed seating with AC (yes!).

The menu is in Chinese, but don't you fret, they can sense "the foreigner" out of me and knew exactly what I wanted. The waitress just asked, "Big or small?" A small bowl of beef noodles soup is 180NT.

The soup came in a clearer broth than I'm used to and the meat also looks different. I'm so used to eating it with cubed meat with fat hanging off it. The meat in this beef noodles has been perfectly molded with fat and when it's cut into pieces, the fat is intertwined with the beef. The noodles are chewy and not overcooked. There are three condiments to heighten the taste of the beef noodles soup. I opted for the oil-based paste, which gave it more flavor and heat.

Definitely, worth a try when visiting Taipei!

No. 274, Section 2, Bade Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 104
Nanjing Fuxing MRT