What To Eat At Raohe Night Market


Raohe Night Market is one of the oldest night markets in Taipei. Located in Songshan District, it is much smaller compared to Shilin Night Market. You can probably check out all the food stalls within an hour depending on if it's bustling with people. 


I come here for one reason only and that's to eat the sizzling pork buns. The food stall is located right by the entrance of the night market. You definitely can't miss this spot as there's a line of people waiting to get their hands on these delicious buns. They're cooked in an oven pot and served fresh to customers. The bun is flaky and crunchy and with the added juiciness of the pork, it's a perfect snack before you venture out for more food.


Chinese Doughnut Sandwich

I've had ice cream doughnuts, but a doughnut sandwich? Not yet, until now. The doughnut is filled with greens and chicken. It is surprisingly a good combination. 

Deep Fried Egg Yolk

I was a little hesitant about this, just because I was unsure if it was going to sit well in my stomach. Thankfully, it did! It's also very good. The outer part tastes just like a doughnut and the yolk is sweet - doesn't taste anything like an egg yolk. This is one of my favorite snacks here.

Jello Popsicle

The jello popsicle comes in several flavors. I had the mango and tasted like it was a popsicle minus the icy part. 

Grilled Squid

Can't leave a night market without trying anything grilled. 


At the end of Raohe Night Market is an Oyster Omelette stall. Definitely a must in Taiwan!

Raohe Night Market
Raohe St, Songshan District, Taipei City, 105
MRT Songshan Station