Sip Coffee at These Cafes


Proud Mary Café 

A hip Aussie-style café in a chic and modern style space offers well-crafted coffee and breakfast. Beyond its interiors, their coffee stands out on its own. If a cold brew just won’t suffice, try the coffee flight to experience the different flavors of Colombia coffee beans.

Left to Right:
Amigos Del Huilla – Floral, vanilla, apricot, nectarine and juicy peaches
Los Guacharos – Honey, malt, toffee and lingering chocolate
Hermanos Quinayas – White nectarine, marzipan, toffee and grape 

2012 NE Alberta Street Portland, OR


Heart Coffee 

Having three locations (Woodstock, Eastside, Westside) in Portland, this coffee roasters boasts in flavors deriving from Central America, South America, and Africa. With its comfortable-style interiors and floral roasts, Heart Coffee stands out from the rest in town.

Woodstock Café: 5181 SE Woodstock Boulevard Portland, OR
Eastside Café: 2211 E Burnside Street Portland, OR
Westside Café: 537 SW 12th Avenue Portland, OR 


case study coffee roasters

Also with three locations in Portland, this coffee shop is roasting seasonal coffees. Its coffee beans are available for online purchase, so you’ll never miss a good cup of coffee wherever you are in the world.

422 NE Alberta Street Portland, OR
802 SW 10th Avenue Portland, OR
5347 NE Sandy Boulevard Portland, OR


Nova Coffee

A locally owned coffee shop serving Water Avenue Coffee and pastries. This café is abundant in natural lighting and impeccable aesthetics, which makes it very Instagram-worthy. You’ll definitely enjoy the interiors more than the coffee here.

610 NE 20th Avenue Portland, OR


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