Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast


Taiwanese breakfast is simple.
The best food had didn’t consist of fancy techniques or plating, it’s rather nostalgic and hits home instantaneously. Beyond dim sum and dumplings - more carb loaded and soy milk dishes!


Xing-Long Ju

A mom-and-pop breakfast spot in Kaohsiung serving the traditional and carb-loaded Taiwanese breakfast . This self-serve place has all the Baozi (steamed bun filled with different ingredients) you can think of and the popular Xian Dou Jiang (salty soy milk). I picked up some pork and vegetable Baozi and Xian Dou Jiang. 

They provide various sauces to accompany the Baozi. Xian Dou Jiang is warm, sweet and salty, which paired perfectly with the carb-loaded sides I had.

No. 186號, Liuhe 2nd Rd, Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City, 801
KMRT City Council Station, Exit 1


fuhang soy milk

One of the most popular and busiest spot for breakfast is located in Zhongzheng District nearby Shandao Temple and Huashan Park. Expect long lines, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

The Xian Dou Jiang is what you would expect in taste, but it’s the sides that is more exciting. You may opt for Youtiao (Chinese doughut) and Niu Rou Shao Bing (beef sandwich).

108號 Zhongxiao East Road Section 1 Zhongzheng District
Shandao Temple Station, Exit 4


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