Camping Near Sierra Buttes


Started the weekend camping by heading to Sardine Lake. Less than three hours from Sacramento and twenty-five minutes from Sierra Butte North, the area is great for fishing. But if fishing is not your cup of tea, there are other activities you can partake in.


Rowboats are available for rent. A cheaper option would be the renting it half-day, a couple hours before sunset. They also offer lakeside dining and a full bar. Cabin rentals are available, but make sure you reserve in advance.


If you prefer camping under the stars, Salmon Creek Campground is nearby. It’s located in the North Yuba River area. The campground has great open space with minimal shade in certain spots. The surrounding area has beautiful mountain lakes, rugged peaks, and scenic views. Many hiking trails are also available including, Sierra Butte North, Tamarack Lake, and Pacific Crest.

Salmon Creek Campground Calpine, CA


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