Where to Hike in El Nido


My trips are never complete without a hiking activity. Hiking Nagkalit-Kalit Falls should be part of everyone's itinerary when visiting El Nido. Nakalit-Kalit Falls is on the way to Nacpan-Calitang Twin Beach. So, you can rent a tricycle for the day and go to the beach in the morning and this hike can be done on the way back.

Prior to starting the hike, you must pay a fee to enter (~50 pesos) because the trail starts in an area where the locals live. I paid extra for my tricycle driver to be my trail guide. Usually, I wouldn't do this, but there were no maps or directions available to guide you through the hike. A lot of animals, such as the water buffalos, cows, and pigs are in sight as you hike to the waterfalls. The hike was easy and it was not steep at all. I crossed several streams to reach the end. Be careful, not to slip on the rocks! I suggest wearing water shoes that has good grip or hiking shoes that are okay in water. The hike took less than an 1 hour (RT).

This is a great way to take a break from all the sun and beach.