Island Hopping in El Nido

The most anticipated activity to do in El Nido, Palawan are the island hopping tours. There are three different tours (A, B, and C). Each tour will take up most of your day, so choose wisely! I chose Tours A (800 pesos) and C (1000 pesos). I booked my tours when I arrived to El Nido through Tarawis El Nido Island Tours. The tours included lunch, which was delish! 

The small and big lagoons are in Tour A. I suggest renting a kayak to explore the small lagoon. It is beyond beautiful! Kayaking through the lagoons is my favorite part of the tour. Mantiloc Island from Tour C has the most exquisite views of the limestone formations and the pristine, blue ocean. Both tours takes you to areas where you can snorkel and it is an amazing experience. There were sea creatures I've never seen before. I thought after going to Hawaii earlier this year, nothing would top that trip, but El Nido did just that.