These Beaches in Okinawa Will Leave You In Awe



Tokashiki Island has a curved beach called Aharen. Compared to the other beaches, this one is vast. The abundance of coral reefs can be seen by snorkeling or taking a stroll up the stairs into a viewing spot. It's amazing how clear the water is at Aharen beach. Banana boats and private boats to the nearby islets are also available. Be sure to try the nearby restaurants and don't forget to cool down with a snow cone! 


Okuma Beach

Kunigami is close to the north tip of Okinawa, where a private beach is located. Also, open to the public for a small fee. If your friends or family are in the military, you won't have to pay the fee. I really enjoyed this beach because not only the rentals and water sports activities were cheaper, it was practically empty! The best area to snorkel is along the rocks. Make sure you walk around the area as there are spots perfect for photos! 



Centrally located in Okinawa is Mission beach. This cozy and chill beach is perfect for families. It's a coral beach sand, so make sure you don't go barefoot. There's a 300yen/person entrance fee and 300yen parking fee. Showers and picnic tables are available for your use. I love how there's barely any people here. You really get a beach to yourself out here. 


Furuzamami Beach 古座間味ビーチ

This beach by far is my favorite one. Located on Zamami Island. This stunning white sand beach and crystal clear water are not only IG worthy, but perfect for beach bums. Although there aren't many corals, there's still plenty of fishes to see while snorkeling. With the help of the locals, you can rent a banana boat (inflatable boat used to water sled) and enjoy the exhilarating ride. Go up to the large constructed patio to see the amazing view of the beach; great for group photos!

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